Friday, 1 January 2016

Things That Made My 2015 Good

Here is a list of things, in no particular order, that I liked in the long year we called 2015:

{goodbye, year.}

Podcasts – On any given day I listen to at least three-to-four hours of podcasts. Recently and specifically:

  • Who Charted? -- Attempt to understand Howard Kremer's singular world view, and become one with Kulap Vilaysack as you both realise you never will.

  • The Black Tapes -- Serial in tone, paranormal in story. Fiction told in such a real and true way that after listening to episode 3 you'll wish you hadn't.

  • Do You See The OC That I See? -- Absolute dreams and BFFs Jillian Gomez and Allie Russell take you through the OC, one drama-filled episode at a time. There are breakfast burritos, there are haikus, and there are glorious tributes to the one and only Sandy Cohen.

Hair Dye -- Five years growing out my fucking relaxer to get back my natural curls and kinks and frizz. Cautious trepidation venturing near bleach. Boundless joy at having my natural curls and kinks and frizz turn blue and pink and purple.

Twin Peaks -- Audrey Horne is my favourite. So much aesthetic inspiration. Why the cruel ending? Will the new episodes heal me? Who knows.

Knitting -- Now I understand what K4, C8F, K4 means, and making little loops with yarn and clicking needles is very chill. Except when it goes wrong, but the satisfaction at making it right again is almost worth it.

Swimming -- Put some negative ions on your body. You can't listen to anything but your brain and the water rushing in your ears. It's good thinking time.

Picture Books -- Library life means lots of picture books. THE FAIRIEST FAIRY, DOG LOVES BOOKS, and THE WONDER are ones I have loved.

{Illustration by Faye Hanson, from THE WONDER}

A Writing Group -- This online place where we, strangers around the world, spill our guts about writing and publishing and life. It's swell.

Carrie & Lowell -- As always, the melancholy and mournful side of Sufjan Stevens left me weeping in the middle of many nights. That's both a good and bad thing, but more good, usually.

Kacey Musgraves -- I took a solo trip to Birmingham to see her. Did I get lost? Yes. Did I have a sobbing, hysterical breakdown in my car during which I called my mother? Yes. Did I eventually get there, stand at the tippy-top, very-back space and watch Kacey in her light-up boots? Yes. So worth it.

Nike Juvenates -- Apparently turning 24 means accepting comfortable footwear as my lord and saviour. I'm not going to fight it. (I'm still going to buy ridiculously high shoes and wear them for taxi-only nights, though.)

My Agent -- Jennifer Johnson-Blalock is one of my very favourite people and I'm really fucking excited to do great things with her in the next few years. She's the best!

Instagram -- Following more people. Being more thoughtful with my pictures (like anyone but me can even tell). Double-tapping without restraint.

Obvious Child -- This film is so, so good and Jenny Slate is so amazing in it.

Hamilton -- I have listened to almost nothing else since September.

The "Sorry" Video -- Went through a phase of watching it multiple times a day. Still feel good about it.