Monday, 20 July 2015

Ready. Set. WRITE! 2015 #7

If you don't know anything about RSW, it's a summer writing intensive hosted by Jaime MorrowErin FunkKaty UppermanElodie Nowodazkij, and Alison Miller--click here for all the details. (Here are my first and last posts for RSW 2014, and first and last for RSW 2013.)

1. How I did on last week’s goals:

  • Finish off both scenes I'm currently in the middle of -- Done! Okay, so I just finished that last scene right before posting this, but it counts, right?
  • Make a revision plan for THE QUIETEST KIND so I can get started on that next week -- Didn't get to this.

2. My goal(s) for this week:

This is going to be my goal for this week and every remaining week up until I get it done:

  • Complete a revision of (the manuscript formerly known as) THE QUIETEST KIND.

3. A favourite line from my story OR one word/phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised:

Hanna, to her sister Molly:
"You are strong and smart and brave and funny and complicated and confounding."

4. The biggest challenge I faced this week:

Busy busy, with work and dance shows and seeing my friends in London and family events and and and... 

5. Something I love about my WIP:

Working shit out. My girls are messy.

See you next week!


  1. Good luck with the revision! Work it! ;)

  2. Good luck with your revisions, Becky! Cheering for you!! :)

  3. All the luck with the revision plan and revisions on (the manuscript formerly known as) THE QUIETEST KIND. You've got this, Becky! Hope you're able to squeeze it in between all of the busyness. This time of year is always so busy, I find. Have a wonderful week! :D

  4. Hooray for the accomplishment, and the single focused goal! And for visiting and happy busyness...

    May this week bring great strides toward your goal! =D