Monday, 13 July 2015

Ready. Set. WRITE! 2015 #6

If you don't know anything about RSW, it's a summer writing intensive hosted by Jaime MorrowErin FunkKaty UppermanElodie Nowodazkij, and Alison Miller--click here for all the details. (Here are my first and last posts for RSW 2014, and first and last for RSW 2013.)

1. How I did on last week’s goals:


  • Wrote on 6 days, so one more than my goal, but sometimes my "writing" was two sentences. Eh. It all counts, right?
  • Titles: I have a couple of possible titles I really like, but more would be better.
  • Finished THE STRANGE AND BEAUTIFUL SORROWS OF AVA LAVENDER (really, really good) and I'm about to start LIES WE TELL OURSELVES by Robin Talley.
  • Did not go to bed at sensible times. Must Do Better.

2. My goal(s) for this week:

I'm almost at a point where I think I can pause drafting and switch into revision mode without completely losing the plot. So this week I have a couple of goals:

  • Finish off both scenes I'm currently in the middle of.
  • Make a revision plan for THE QUIETEST KIND so I can get started on that next week.

3. A favourite line from my story OR one word/phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised:

But here was Molly saying it, and she seemed so sure, with that determined look on her face and the shine in her eyes. The last thing Hanna ever wanted to do was disappoint her baby sister. And yet it feels like that’s all I ever do.

4. The biggest challenge I faced this week:

Making time to write. Again: Must Do Better.

5. Something I love about my WIP:

The relationship between one of my MCs, Hanna, and her little sister Molly. They're both struggling with big problems but are still there to talk in the middle of the night and love each other even when it's hard.

See you next week!


  1. "Making time to write." Yep. Same here, Becky. For me it's not finding time, it's definitely making time. It sounds as though you're doing great, though. The fact that you're sitting down to write so frequently is a good thing. I imagine it will be habit-forming and the words will multiply. :-) Good luck with your revision plan this week. And title brainstorming!

  2. Titles are so hard. I am not great at them!

    I hope your plans to write frequently form a habit for you. Even a few lines is more than nothing, right? We're in this for the long haul :)

  3. Every little bit of writing counts, so I vote those two sentence writing days were successes! :) And AVA LAVENDER has been on my TBR list for a while, so I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.

    Happy writing this week, Becky!

  4. Even two sentences is progress; so yep, it counts! I'm finding sitting down and writing so hard this summer. There's so much to do.

  5. I loved AVA LAVENDER. Also--every sentence counts. It's one more sentence than you had the day before. Good luck this week!

  6. Love a sister story!
    I had mixed feelings about AVA LAVENDER. The writing was gorgeous and interesting and different, but the story was barely about Ava at all- I found that a little frustrating.
    Have a great week! And don't stay up too late. ;)