Friday, 28 February 2014

WIP: The Movie--V.2

WIP: The Movie is a super fun bloghop hosted by Kyra Lennon and Rachel Schieffelbein. This is the return of this bloghop--the ladies first hosted it almost two years ago (here's my post for my now-shelved--so shelved, sososo shelved--MS FIREWORKS). Here's what Kyra and Rachel have to say:

Almost all of us have imagined who would play the characters in our WIPs if they were ever made into a movie. On February 28th, we want you to “cast” your WIP, and post photos of the actors/actresses you would choose to play the characters in your latest manuscript. You don’t have to cast everyone if you don’t want to, just show us your MCs and tell us a little about them. 

 Also, we’d like you to tell us which songs you’d have on your WIP Movie soundtrack! This can be one song that fits the main theme of the story, or several songs that make you think of your story.

This time around I'm casting my WIP about best girlfriends, surfing, chasing ghosts, and learning to take risks.

Nicole Miraz--Nicole is way into shoes, laying in the sun, and making out with Annabelle. She's almost painfully sincere and not at all afraid of confrontation. This is probably because she's been in therapy for about a third of her life and is all about talking about how things make her feel. But did I mention shoes?

Jessica Parker Kennedy
I've loved Jessica Parker Kennedy ever since I saw her in The Secret Circle (RIP). Look at the intensity in her eyes--she'd be the perfect Nicole.

Annabelle Sato--Annabelle's that girl who never wears the correct uniform and hands her homework in late and forgets to return the dress she borrowed even though you've asked a hundred times...but no-one cares, because she's just that charming and good-natured. Even when you want to be mad at her, you really can't. (Unless you're Nicole.)

Devon Aoki
Devon Aoki is one of my all-time favourite models and I'm not sure if she actually acts but what does it matter? This is all a fantasy and in my fantasy she acts!

Tristan Vadsaria--Tristan is always, always late to the party. She would always rather be out with the girls or surfing or doing something that means she doesn't have to be at home, because home sucks nowadays. Her mom used to be fun, kind of wild but always loving, and now she's turned into a California socialite robo-mom and who wants that?

Yami Gautam
Yami Gautam is a Bollywood actress and she has a beautiful smile. That's about all it took to convince me that she's be great for Tristan!

Britt Montgomery--Britt is an AP-everything girl who wants to go to Princeton. She would never even dream of handing in homework late or cutting class. Her smarts come in handy for tutoring, and tutoring is great...except for when she may or may not be in love with the boy she tutors, who has a girlfriend. And Britt will not be the Other Girl. Not after what her father did to their family.

Ali Chanel

Honestly, I had no idea who this girl was…I just saw her picture on tumblr so long ago and knew she was the perfect Britt. Britt is a plus-size (read: fat) blonde bombshell and I think model Ali Chanel fits that criteria perfectly!

Onto the soundtrack: I've posted this song on this here blog before, but definitely In My Mind by Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl. Then Seek Bromance by Tim Berg has the perfect energy for this story, and to finish everything up, XO by Beyoncé, because it just feels like the kind of song you sing along to with your hands in the air until your voice is hoarse.

And that's my WIP casted and soundtracked! Make sure to swing by Kyra's blog to see the rest of the participants!


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What's Up Wednesday, MMFD Edition

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What I'm Reading:

ANOTHER LITTLE PIECE by Kate Karyus Quinn. I…I don't know how to describe this book. I don't even want to talk about it because I don't want to colour anyone else's experience with it. It's weird. Creepy weird. I like it.

What I'm Writing:

Drafting this week…suuuucks. I just have no energy and I'm at that point where I want to take a break (which I probably will, for the sake of my sanity). Oh, I love writing, but I hate it, but I love it, but…

I also think I'm accidentally writing the most complicated book I've ever written and I regret everything. Also also, this book has so many parents it might make up for every YA book without parents ever. EVER.

I was in Cupid's Blind Speed Dating contest last week (check out my entry here) and it was so much fun! I got a few requests and it was just so nice to take a break from the constant email checking and do something different. This was the third contest I've entered and the first one I got to the agent round for. Who knows if anything will come out of it, but it was super fun :)

What Inspires Me Right Now:

Hmm. Drawing a blank.

Well, I'm really into Ariana Grande right now. She doesn't inspire so much as make me turn my room into my own personal stage and gives me so much Mariah life it's almost unreal. But I can feel a story being soundtracked by her album, fer sure. (RESTRICTED PLAYBACK UGGGGHHH)

Oh! My Mad Fat Diary! Yeah, I totally mainlined all the available eps last week and now I'm just swimming in Rae-inspired emotions. It's the perfect blend of light and dark--funny characters, sharp dialogue, and then these heart-crushing moments. So, so good and why did I wait until now to watch? Honestly.

 photo tumblr_n1kcr21mqA1rll0vpo1_500_zpsb974a62c.gif

What Else I've Been Up To:

Nothing: I'm waiting for my time off work next week and waiting for the experience that will be SEEING BEYONCÉ ON FRIDAY.



Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What's Up Wednesday, "About This WIP…" Edition

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What I'm Reading:

Laurie Halse Anderson's latest, THE IMPOSSIBLE KNIFE OF MEMORY. (Oh, can we talk about that title for a minute? How amazing is it? I cannot even.) Laurie Halse Anderson is one of my writing heroes, an author I read when I was an actual Young Adult (probably before I should have been reading her, actually) who makes me want to be a better writer every time I read her words. And TIKOM is no different to PROM or WINTERGIRLS…it's just making me question everything I do and why I even bother. Worship Laurie Halse Anderson!

What I'm Writing:

I've realised that I don't talk much about what I write--I mean, not in a way where I actually say anything about what the story is like or what it's called (like I ever have a title while I'm writing it) or anything at all interesting. Sure, I tell you how far from/close to the end I am, and where I am on the scale of loving to hating it that week, but that's about it. And right now I'm at the beginning of a first draft, still in that stage where I feel optimistic, like I love writing this story, like this is going to be fun! (Oh, child. You know you hate drafting! Why do you do these things to yourself?) But yes, I'm in that stage where everything is sunshine and rainbows, and I thought that this week I would share a little. So here are Seven Things About This WIP:
1. It is about searching and yearning, taking leaps of faith.
2. It is about overcoming fear, and anger, and sadness.
3. It is about those friends you have who you can be so pissed at that you think you might never speak to them again, except then you see something so stupid and funny and you have to tell them, so you do, and everything's back to normal again.
4. Britt is a neurotic overachiever who burns in the sun; Nicole likes Emily Dickinson and high, high heels; Annabelle likes surfing, and Nicole; Tristan is perpetually late but too earnest to ever be truly mad at.
5. They like traditions (last-night-of-summer bonfires, first-morning-of-school pancakes).
6. There used to be five of them.
7. Do not talk to them about formal dresses, college applications, or motel rooms that have probably housed serial killers. Just…don't.
It is also hugely inspired by this music video--like, I saw it on TV one day and said, "I want to write the story of that video." So, here we are. (Aaaaand you can't watch the video here. Oh restricted playback, get outta here.)

What Inspires Me Right Now:

Secret Pinterest boards and WIP playlists. Everyone does the secret Pinterest boards for their stories, right? I feel like they were invented for us writers who need visual inspiration but want no-one ever in the world to ever know what we might be writing about at any second. Neurotic? Yes, but we wouldn't be writers if we weren't.

What Else I've Been Up To:

Milly, baby cat, had to go to the vet on Monday. Upon collecting her the vet said, "No jumping, not too much running around--if she wants to go on the sofa, pick her up and put her there." Of course, I said, I understand.

Milly, however, is an insane creature and started climbing the curtains about half an hour after we came home. Eh.


Okay, I have this slight obsession with Seattle. I mean, check my tumblr. I cannot explain this obsession: perhaps it has something to do with rain and grunge and a misled belief that the Seattle in my mind is the fictionalised Seattle of twenty years ago. (I used to be obsessed with New York. Yeah, I'm a small town girl with city dreams. I can't help it.) Anyways, the Seahawks are one of the two NFL teams that I am a fair-weather fan of (can anyone guess the other one? It rhymes with Shmiants) and this fair-weather small town gal is mighty tickled that they won the Superbowl. Let's do it again next year!