Wednesday, 3 December 2014

What's Up Wednesday: One=Two Edition

Hello, dear blog, dear friends. I know, I know, how long has it been since I actually posted here? I wish I could claim that I am just soooo busy and soooo overwhelmed with soooo much success going on in my life…sadly, the truth is that I am shit at updating this blog and if given the choice between writing a post or another episode of The League/The Killing/Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team, well. We all know what I'm choosing. (My crush on Mark Duplass grows stronger day by day.)

But what better way to ease back in (or, let's be real, post once and the disappear for the next three months, whatever) than with a WUW post?

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What I'm Reading:

I read and loved THE TRUTH ABOUT ALICE by Jennifer Mathieu--it's a story about rumours and lies, slut shaming and smear campaigns, alienation and acceptance. I really loved the way the story was structured--it's not told by Alice, but by characters around her, and you get to see exactly how the picture of this girl was constructed, how the stories and rumours were exaggerated and why. I really recommend checking this one out.

I've just started FALLING INTO PLACE by Amy Zhang and I'm definitely intrigued by this one--I'm looking forward to seeing where it's going. (Probably in a heart crushing direction.)

What I'm Writing:

I finally finished turning my MS from one story into two--I mean, finished as in now I have two separate drafts. Right now I'm going through reader comments and doing some general editing--I think my goal for this week will be reading the entire way through MS1 and polishing enough to send it out for others to read.

[maybe scene? maybe new scene? maybe losing my mind? yes.]

What Works For Me:

I would love to have a perfect place to write, but honestly, it just isn't possible. I don't have a beautiful office (future dreams!) and I can't always write at my desk in my room, or in the kitchen with other people coming in. I think it's a good idea to not be like that, actually, because once you get in a routine it becomes harder and harder to work without it, and then what happens when you can't have your perfect set up?

All I really need is my laptop and music. That's all, and that means I can work anywhere, anytime, pretty much. I usually turn the music off part of the way through writing while I'm searching for the perfect word in my head, but I like it at the beginning to get into the right setting. And it's oh so necessary if I'm writing at a coffee shop or library.

What Else Is New:

I'm going away with a few friends this weekend, to a cabin in the woods (cue murder music) and I'm so excited! We're just going to hang out watching films, talking shit, and generally relaxing. It's going to be so nice because we're at the stage where people are moving away and starting Real Life, so we don't get the chance to get together all that often.

 Other than that, not much is going on--I have an interview for a different position at work next week (fingers crossed), I think I'm getting ill (boo!) and even though I am judging everybody on my street with their Christmas lights up, I'm playing my favourite Christmas songs.



  1. Becky, congrats on the novel hard work!! LOL at the "maybe new scene" (I hear ya!). I too loved THE TRUTH ABOUT ALICE and enjoyed FALLING INTO PLACE (it stuns me she wrote the book at 16 or 17!), I can't wait to read both Jen and Amy's new books! :-)

    Good luck this week!

  2. I had to laugh at the *cue murder music* bit, because that was what popped into my head the moment you mentioned cabin in the woods lol. Hope you have a blast with your gal pals! I'll have to check out THE TRUTH ABOUT ALICE. I didn't realize that the story was told by others around Alice, so that really intrigues me. Good luck with your two WiPs. On the one hand that's kind of cool that you now have two drafts which will ultimately be two complete stories (woohoo!), but I know that must be tough doing edits on two drafts. Wishing you all the good writing mojo as you work on them. Oh, and I hope the illness passes right on over you. Have a great week, Rebecca! :D

  3. A weekend with friends sounds awesome! Have fun!

  4. Oh no, feel better soon! And have an awesome trip with your friends.

    The ability to take my laptop (and my music) out and about with me is the reason I can't go back to having a desktop. Sometimes, you just gotta be mobile!

    Have a fantastic week. It's lovely to hear from you again ^_^

  5. You're reading some awesome 2014 debut authors! I love it. Makes me so happy. Happy getaway into the creepy woods!

  6. Yay, a song I didn't have on my Christmas playlist yet. Added!

    Have fun this weekend and good luck with your interview!

  7. I just split one book into two, and although the story arc was surprisingly left intact, I really needed to amp up the action. And so, I just finished the first part, and it STILL ended up being over 150,000 words. It's crazy. Good luck to you!

  8. Have fun at the cabin! That sounds like such a blast. Also, good luck with the interview. *crosses fingers and toes for you* oh and *sends tea* because you can't get sick before the cabin :)