Monday, 25 August 2014

Ready. Set. WRITE! 2014 #12

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It's the end of Ready. Set. WRITE! Does that mean it's the end of summer? It definitely feels like it here, as the rain keeps pouring outside the window.

Moving on to brighter things...

How I did on this summer's goal(s)

Let's flashback to the beginning of this thing:
My main goal for RSW14 is to FINISH A FIRST DRAFT OF THE STORY KNOWN AS SURFING GIRLS. I just want to get this thing DONE!

Well, I did it! I finished! I have a first draft and now I can forget about it for the next…six months! Okay, maybe not that long. But I am excited to have a break from this story, get into something else, and go back to this one in the future with a clearer vision for what I want to achieve.

This is probably the messiest, longest, weirdest draft I've ever written. I'm not a huge planner but I usually know where the story is going even if I don't know exactly how to get there; this time around, I had no clue at all. At the halfway point I knew two ways the ending could go, and about a week from finishing I still hadn't decided which way I wanted to go. That is not a great place to be.

But I figured it out, and it's done now, and who cares if it's messy? Revisions is where all that gets fixed, and even though I know it's going to drive me crazy unraveling this story, it's also going to be so worth it.

I couldn't have finished this draft without RSW. Or, I could have, but it would have taken me another six months. So thanks to Jaime, Erin, Katy, and Alison for starting this whole thing last year. And thanks to all those who were on Twitter, cheering each other on--writing with other people, albeit through a computer and across an ocean, made everything feel a lot less solitary.

A favorite line from my story OR a word or phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised
“I make no promises.” Britt felt her pulse pounding and rubbed her lacquered lips together. “There was something else I wanted to ask you.”

She looked him straight in the eyes as she found the words. “Would it be okay if I kissed you right now?”

 The biggest challenge I faced this summer

It was mostly (lack of)motivation, feeling like I'd The End just kept getting further away the more I wrote, and having no clue what I was writing. Writing is isolating and crazy-making, but I feel like I kicked its ass this summer. A little, at least.

Something I love about my WIP

Even though this story was a struggle, I do love it. I love my characters and their families, their loves. I love the lengths they'll go to for each other. I love the setting and the places and people they see along the way. I love Nicole's Vogue addiction, Annabelle's messy hair, Tristan's easy smile, Britt's type-A neuroses. I love Cass' flaws.


I hope everybody had a good time with Ready. Set. WRITE! If you finished a draft or got halfway through, outlined or wrote a query or planned or revised or whatever else--it's all something, and it's all good.

To finish, here is the music video that planted the first seed of this story in my head:



  1. Good for you! Sounds like it was an interesting ride. :)

    Congratulations on finishing another novel!!!

  2. Finishing your draft is such a huge deal! I'm so happy the summer was productive for you and that you were able to kick writing's ass! It's definitely "isolating and crazy-making." Love how you put that by the way. I also love that snippet of your story you shared and how you described each of your characters. Hope this break from your story gets the wheels turning as far as revisions and that fall will be another successful writing season for you!

  3. Congrats Rebecca! Finishing a first draft is always a big deal, and I'm glad that you achieved that goal! Especially since it seems like it was definitely tough getting there (when isn't it?). I totally agree with you about how much RSW has helped. I would probably still be hemming and hawing over writing my verse WIP if it weren't for RSW spurring me to just do it. :)

    Let's keep up the good work for the rest of the year!

  4. Three cheers for kissing scenes! And pre-kissing scenes! Love the snippet you shared, can you tell? That's fantastic that you finished up a draft! I'm so happy that you joined us this summer for RSW. I can't wait to hear more about the projects you're working on and how the revisions for this one go once you return to it. :-)

  5. Congrats on kicking your draft's ass! Now take a nice, long break and have some fun :)

  6. Yay, congrats on finishing your draft!!

  7. Woot on finishing your WIP! I did as well, and tonight I'm letting myself indulge in some long over due DVR watching. =) Let's celebrate!

  8. Congrats on finishing!!! And just from the snippets you've shared over the summer, it sounds like a great read!

  9. YES! So glad you were able to finish your draft! And I LOVED the snippet! Good luck this fall with revising and thank you for joining us for RSW!