Wednesday, 26 March 2014

What's Up Wednesday: PJs Edition

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What I'm Reading:

I finished LOVELY, DARK AND DEEP and in the end, I loved it. It's a very quiet, emotionally intense story, and you know those are exactly the kinds of stories I fall in love with. I definitely recommend it if that's your kind of thing, too!

Now I'm reading WICKED LITTLE SECRETS, the second book in Kara Taylor's PREP SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL series. Now, if you like rich kids, murder mysteries, cute boys (Anthony!) and smart girls, then this is definitely a series you need to check out.

What I'm Writing:

Drafting has gone on the back burner this week so I can spend some time revising THE QUIETEST KIND (oh, the sweet, sweet bliss of revision after the pain of drafting!)

This time around is a read-through for little things (spelling, punctuation etc.) and to see how the whole thing is coming together. Then I'll do complete any changes that I decide to make and hopefully send it out to readers! (Speaking of--if anybody wants to help me out in that arena, I would be eternally grateful!)

What Inspires Me Lately:

Um…lacking on the inspiration front this week. The writing life can be hard, y'all.

Oh, actually--here's something: this video by an amazingly articulate girl addressing what's going on in (part of) the YouTube world right now. I do watch a lot of YouTube, but mostly beauty/fashion videos, choreography, musicians--none of the people involved in the abuse allegations. So I don't have an excellent idea of who's who or the details of everything that's happening, but good lord…the way this girl speaks, the points she makes, the rage in her voice:

This is the kind of girl I want to write about, want to write for. I mean, I want to write for all the girls, but girls who are as passionate and informed and poised as she is--if they would read and get my books, that would make me the happiest writer in the world.

What Else I've Been Up To:

I'm on holiday from work right now and it's almost four in the afternoon and I'm still in my pyjamas so basically nothing! Except for yesterday, which was Poppa B's 50th birthday--we went out for family brunch and then did dinner, presents and cake in the evening.

Now I might go and put some real clothes on just so I can feel like a good, functioning human being for a little bit. Then again, I might go for  a nap…hmm. Decisions, decisions!



  1. Hey, I'm still in my pyjamas too, so no worries. ;-) Though, I should probably change and become a "good, functioning human being" like you say. So I actually watched that entire video and I really have to agree with you about how passionate and articulate she is. Wow. It really kind of makes me wonder if I've been writing with this idea that teens are 'younger' (not age-wise but maturity-wise) than they are. It's a good reminder just how mature so many of them are! Thanks for sharing it.
    Have a wonderful week, Rebecca!

  2. You're on holiday! It's a rule to stay in your jambes all day. Enjoy the break!

    Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  3. Good luck with your revision, and enjoy the rest of your holiday! :) There's no shame in spending the day in your pyjamas - I probably spend more days in my pyjamas than I do in actual clothes. Naps, by the way, are the answer to everything. ;)

  4. How come I just realized that pajamas (pyjamas) has an alternate spelling? Maybe that's why folks just call them PJ's? Anyhoo, enjoy the relaxing, writing and reading!

  5. Best part of my SAHM gig is staying in my PJs until late morning. And oddly makes me more productive on the writing front. Guess because they are so comfy!

    Sounds like you have a lot of wonderful things going on in the writing front! Go YOU!

  6. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who likes/enjoys revising more than drafting! I mean, yes, it's fun to watch your story unfold, but for me, it really starts coming together when I revise. Good luck and enjoy!