Wednesday, 8 January 2014

What's Up Wednesday, Beyoncé Edition

Hello, first WUW of 2014. You look pretty. Did you do something to your hair?

{Check out Jaime's blog for a full list of participants!}

What I'm Reading:

THE AFTER GIRLS by Leah Konen, which I think (hope) is going to be one of those is-this-real-or-is-this-not-real-what-is-happening books because I adore those books. (Think 17&GONE, IMAGINARY GIRLS, CHARM AND STRANGE.)

After this I have SO MANY BOOKS to read. I went a little crazy with the one-click-ordering. But can you blame me, when there are so many excellent books out there?

What I'm Writing:

Since I just finished a first round of revisions on the rewrite, I'm taking a break. I love revising so much more than drafting!

I'm just kind of playing around to see what I want to write next, how I want to write it, how different from my usual writing I want to go…(the answer is a lot, but we'll see. I'm terrible with change.)

I was going to give a query update but there really isn't anything to update. Rejections, requests, anxious waiting. We all know how it goes!

What Inspires Me Lately:

Yeah, still Beyoncé. Always Beyoncé. Beyoncé Forever. (XO is the theme song to the new thing I'm playing around with, fer sure.)

What Else I've Been Up To:

In some insane moment I decided that I would finally attempt running. The reality is that I can't run for one minute and I'm not actually sure how one runs. I'm not sure what to do with my feet, and my arms are everywhere! I can crush a dance class, I got kick-ball-changes for days, but run? Nuh uh. But, now I am trying, and I have one question for all you runners: why?!

Check back next week to see if I've kept this up. (And if I haven't, feel free to scold me.)



  1. I agree with your question for runners lol. I much prefer speedwalking. I mean, I wish I could run, but I totally suck at it. So you're not alone, friend. You know, I haven't read any of the books you mentioned, but it's a great reminder that I really need to! I'm with you on the playing around with new ideas thing. I'm so there. I'd like to do something different with my next project, I'm just not sure what yet. I hope we both come up with awesome ideas. :-) Have a great week, Rebecca!

    P.S. Do you prefer Becky over Rebecca? I've been meaning to ask for ages.

  2. Haha, running sucks! I'm running another half marathon in 4 weeks and I'm not that excited about it. Sometimes I like it, and most the time I don't. But its a good thing. So whatev.

  3. I'm with you, revising is so much easier than drafting! I'd much rather revise any day. Good luck with the running!

  4. Happy New Year :D

    Good luck with your running! I really enjoy it, but ooooh the asthma does not ^^;

    Ooooh, look at all the red pen prettiness! Enjoy the rewrites ^_^

  5. I love revising! Your red penned up pages make me drool! :)

  6. Oh goodness, yes! I'm married to a marathon runner, and for the life of me I can't figure out why he actually ENJOYS putting himself through that! Runners are crazy. I have yet to go on our treadmill in the new year, but when I do, I think I'll stick with a nice, brisk walk.

    I hear you on ordering books. I had a bunch under the tree this Christmas, and then promptly ordered more. The crazy thing is, there are SO many books coming out in January that I've been waiting ages for. My TBR list is turning into a skyscraper.

    Enjoy your break from revising, and I hope you figure out what project you'd like to dive into next!

  7. I don't get running either. I love dancing, it's one of my favorite things to do, but I hate running. Good luck! I've heard that people who get into it really love it.

    My problem with the one-click button is that I accidentally hit it when I want to send a sample. I know, it's my fault for not paying enough attention, but I can't even tell you how many books I've purchased when I meant to send a sample.

  8. Haha, I wish I was a runner, but I prefer biking. However, good luck with it! I have some friends who are really into it so you never know.

    I have a HUGE to-read list as more buying books for a while (cough, end of January)

  9. I also wish I could run but it makes me hurt all over, especially feet and knees. I can ride a bike for hours. Turbokick, dance fitness, all of that is great. I try to run, and I just can't do it. I am envious of runners--you can pick up and go, no extra equipment required!

    Curious on the revision pic--is that your novel or is it stock art? Just wondering if you print off and handwrite notes on your manuscript. I did a print off and then post-its for edits like I learned in a revision workshop and that was pretty cool. It gives you a different eye to not be able to immediatlely backspace over your words.

    1. It is my novel! I always print off my first drafts and mark them up :) I totally agree about it being different to editing on the computer, and I find it so much easier--I find I read it much more closely and I like being able to track the changes I'm making.

    2. It is my novel! I always print off my first drafts and mark them up :) I totally agree about it being different to editing on the computer, and I find it so much easier--I find I read it much more closely and I like being able to track the changes I'm making.

  10. Good luck with your revision.

    I've been revising my novel as well but I didn't do much over the holidays. I'm back at it and I hope to do something good with it.

  11. Hi there! No, I haven't done anything with my hair. I should probably go get a haircut soon. But then, having slightly long and shaggy hair makes me feel better in the cold weather, even if it doesn't really do much to keep my head warm. ;)

    That's an impressive sheet of revisions! I've recently learned that I can actually revise or critique in pen on paper, (but still not draft,) but I still prefer drafting to revision.

    And I'm more of a walker than a runner, so I can't help you with your runner's question. Great to meet you though!