Wednesday, 13 November 2013

What's Up Wednesday: First Draft Dunzo Edition

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What I’m Reading:

I’m kind of in a reading slump at the moment—I have a ton of library books that I keep renewing and new books waiting to be read, but somehow I’m rereading an old favourite: SHRIMP by Rachel Cohn. I love rereading books that I know so well I can recite them from memory; it’s like slipping into a well-worn t-shirt after being trapped in stiff new clothes. (SHRIMP is the sequel to the forever-fave GINGERBREAD which you should definitely, definitely check out if you haven’t already.)

What I’m Writing:

Right now I’m writing nothing, because I FINALLY FINISHED DRAFTING!

 photo tumblr_lmpkt2ZkiR1qclt3z_zpsd7c0c112.gif

Yes, on Sunday, after months of writing 500-1000 words a day, I banged out 7.5k so I could just get to the end already. That’s the most I’ve ever written in one day and I’m pretty sure it’ll never happen again. I was just that desperate to finish.

My total wordcount was 101k. Looking at that on Sunday was the very first time I knew my wordcount since I started writing. I didn’t get to celebrate any milestones, no 10k cheering, no 50k relief, but I have learnt that really, it doesn’t matter. It’s nice to have those moments for yourself, as a way to celebrate and feel good during the awful drafting phase, but as the same time it doesn’t make a difference to where the story ends up. And I’m really glad I didn’t know when I was at 50k because apparently that was only the halfway point for this story and that would have sucked the life out of me if I’d known.

Query update: oh, you guys are the best. In my last WUW I was all “Querying sucks, rejections suck, I suck” and you were all “Yeah, querying sucks, rejections suck, but keep going anyway!” Which I am. And that same week, I got another request, so…swings and roundabouts, I guess.

What Inspires Me Right Now:

I love this essay on The Rumpus, this writing advice from Courtney Summers, this song by Placebo/Kate Bush, and this picture which is perfect for Future WIP 3.

What Else I’ve Been Up To:

Learning a fun/difficult piece in dance class for a show; taking my first ever pilates class; roadtripping with friends; watching Orange is the New Black; looking at houses I will never be able to afford; dreaming of this horizontal shower. Oh good heavens.

And that’s about it. Tell me, what have you been up to lately?



  1. Congrats on finishing your first draft! That is so exciting.

  2. Yay for finishing a first draft! And 7.5K in one go? Wow! I know what you mean about word counts psyching you out. That's a great idea to write without checking in on word counts. Now comes the fun part: revisions! That's one of my favourite parts anyway. :-)

  3. I'm in a reading slump, too. I don't know if I'm just being too picky or if I'm choosing the wrong books for my tastes, but I'm proving very hard to please ^^; I'm sticking to rereading old favourites for now.

    A finished draft and a request, hooray! How exciting :D Hope it's all good news from the request!!!!

    Have an amazing week!

  4. Congrats on finishing your draft! And for the full request! Yay!!!

    Thanks for sharing those links. Ohhh, a horizontal shower sounds heavenly. :)

  5. That shower? WOW!

    Yay for finishing your draft and getting another request!!!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!! And you really killed it that last day. Nicely done! I hope you at least had some celebratory chocolate. :)

  7. Fantastic! I love that feeling of being finished!!! Nice work :)

    I stopped watching Orange is the New Black because the main character annoyed me so excessively, but I hope you like it. :)