Wednesday, 16 October 2013

What's Up Wednesday: Cheating

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What I'm Reading:

After finishing OUT OF THE EASY, which I thought was great but lacking the ending it needed (which is the same way I felt about BETWEEN SHADES OF GREY, actually), I made about a thousand reservations at the library. I'm trying to cut back on buying books (and other things). (So please ignore the fact that I did actually buy two books on Friday and may be waiting on a book delivery...)

Anyway, one of the books I reserved was Cora Carmack's FAKING IT, because I was super surprised that it was even available in our library system. Of course I hadn't actually read LOSING IT yet, so that's what I did last week. (Yes, I downloaded it, but that doesn't count as buying a book, does it? It does? Oh.) Well, LOSING IT was not the best but it was a pleasant and quick enough read. FAKING IT, however, is showing much more promise. There's more character development, much more backstory, more world building...yes, it's another romance with a heap of drama thrown in, but what's so bad about that?

What I'm Writing:

Rewriting, 500 words a day, nearing the end, blah blah blah you don't care because you've heard it all before!

Here's something new: I'm cheating on my WIP.

 photo tumblr_m39lf6hTEf1qgiqcpo1_250.gif

Yes, you read that right. See, the first YA story I wrote/queried/shelved featured these two characters who I adore. I still write snippets of pointless scenes with them, find myself typing their names instead of the characters in my WIP, and trying to come up with ways to rework that MS and fix everything that's wrong with it. Which is impossible.

But I thought those characters and a scene the other day, and I started writing. A couple hundred words, I think,  so it's not like I'm suddenly 5K into a unexpected story and woo! Of course not, that's not how I work. And I'm not writing this as a Thing, anyway. I think I (and others) can get caught up in the idea of writing towards publication: the draft always needs to be finished faster, the revision always needs to be cleaner, the characters and the plot and the romance all need to follow an established pattern but be different enough to entice readers at the same time...God, it's exhausting. So writing something where I don't need to worry about any of those things is nice.

Oh! Epiphany as I write this: perhaps I will turn it into a short story, linking into other short stories...yes, that sounds fun. Yay writing!

What Inspires Me Right Now:

Okay, this is going to sound seriously cheesy, but: YOU.

I was at work (the library) yesterday tidying the teen section, and I suddenly thought: one day I'm going to know the people on here.

Like, right now I look at the books and feel as if I know some of those authors from reading all of their books or following their blog/twitter/instagram, and it's kind of cool. But one day I'm going to see a book on the shelves of libraries and bookstores that bears the name of one of you and I'll be able to say, "I know her!"

"I knew her when she got an agent!"

"I knew her when she was writing her first manuscript ever!"

"She read my work and made me a better writer and is THE BEST!"

And I just got all verklempt knowing that one day I'll see all your names up in (figurative) lights. How amazing is that?

What Else I've Been Up To:

Baking, dancing, playing this game Dots on my phone which you've probably all heard about and seriously I am addicted, listening to my boo Drake's new album, video chatting with my transatlantic twin Jess, wishing I could sleep, drinking a ton of water because I'm determined to kick my Coke Zero habit....huuurrrrgh but I love it so! Sigh.



  1. I have to laugh because I'm kind of on a self-imposed book-buying ban...and I'm totally cheating too. ;-) Speaking of cheating, I've cheated on my main WIP with other WIPs, so don't feel too badly about it. You never know where a new idea/project will lead. You raise a really good point here, something that I was just thinking about after reading the other Rebecca B's post. Sometimes attaching the term 'WIP' to something we're puttering around with can also attach unwanted pressure to the new idea. Like all of a sudden it's this BIG THING that, like you say, always needs to be getting somehow better, faster, and so on. I think we forget to just enjoy the process and if publication comes from the end result, well awesome. You've given me lots to think about Rebecca, so thanks for that! :-)

  2. Go with whatever idea is tempting you the most and write, write, wriiiiiiiiiiiiite! Enjoy :D It all sounds very exciting!

    I know what you mean about looking at books and thinking "oooh, I remember when they were looking for an agent!" It's so exciting! :D

    Excellent use of a Modern Family gif. I looooove that show!

    Have a brilliant week!

  3. I love your What's Inspiring Me section this week, Rebecca! I feel the same way at the library, and in bookstores I get all giddy and turn my friends' novels so they're facing out. :-) Best of luck with your WiP adultery. ;-) I think that if certain characters are speaking to you and inspiring you, you have to go with it. Who knows what you'll end up with?! Have a fantastic week!

  4. I've managed to *mostly* buy books after I've already read them and know I love them. Which is sort of strange in a way, but I'd much rather have books on my shelf that I love and hope to reread some day then spending money on something I don't end up liking. Besides, I just read way too much to be able to afford them all!
    Great "What Inspires Me" bit! I feel that way too. I already know of three books I beta'd that are due to be published next year (or the year after) and I'm so excited to be able to read something I read when...

  5. I feel you about being inspired by fellow authors. There are so many books coming out ether this year or next that have been on this publishing roller coaster right alongside me, and it's truly a wondrous thing to finally hold their books in your hand.

  6. I <3 the library, it's where I get most of my books otherwise my apartment would be packed full.

    I have also "cheated" on my WIP and it was a total rush :)

  7. Hooray for surprise WIPs! The thing I'm totally-working-on-although-I'm-pretending-I'm-not-seriously-working-on-it started as a concept I cheated on revisions with. And for now, I'm telling myself it's not for publication--it's for me, while I take a break from other projects. It can be liberating to take away that expectation! I hope you continue to have lots of fun with your SNI, and have a great week!

  8. I totally think the same thing about other writers. I've got one good friend whose collab is now in B&N. And I've gotten to know a few other writers who are there too. It's super cool. I texted a pic of my friend's book to her when I got to B&N.

    Can't wait to see you there too!

  9. I love what you had to say about finding other writers inspiring. I feel the same way, and it gives me *shivers* to get to be a part of their writing journey. So yay for that. :)