Friday, 1 February 2013

It's Vintage, Darling

Well, let's move on from that other post all about my feels and talk about writerly things again, yes? (Thank you for the lovely comments and general heart-swell-y-ness. You are all SPECTACULAR.)


My MC Tuesday is a little bit rockabilly, a little bit pin-up. As we all know, sometimes we have to research certain things for our writing. And then, sometimes we put in things that we already know quite a lot about because then when we have to "research" it's just pure fun times.


1. I love love LOVE Cherry Dollface. She's a pin-up model, YouTube beauty-guru-type, and general all-around awesome lady. Check out her tats! She does great tutorials on vintage hairstyles, rockabilly clothing and other assorted cool things.

2. Vixen Vintage a.k.a. Solanah, a blogger and cool catlady who wears vintage pretty much all the time. I love her blog and she is a source of knowledge on everything you ever needed to know about stockings, petticoats and knee-high lace-up boots.


3. I have wanted this book for ages and I finally bought it! Gil Elvgren was a pin-up artist and his pictures are just beautiful. You've probably seen them without even knowing it.

So hopefully that gives you a good idea of my MC, and also some fun stuff to check out if you so wish (like anyone needs more distractions).

Tell me some groovy things about your MCs! I love little character quirks, it makes everything in a book brighter :)


  1. Ooh, I think you might have just sent me down a rabbit hole of Cherry Dollface hair styling - thanks!

    1. I know, she's so good! This week I have been rocking bumper bangs--so easy and so cute! I love her :)

  2. I love vintage gorgeous and girly without being too girly!

    1. It's so glamourous and put-together, I love it!