Friday, 4 January 2013

Drafting Daze

So last last Wednesday (the 19th) I finished the first draft of my MS that I'm calling THE QUIETEST KIND but don't hold me to that and I hate calling my MSs anything but blah whatever. Here, let's look at my stats! And Photobooth pictures.

Draft face, day 4

  • I started writing on the 1st of October...kind of. I wrote about 800 words on the Sunday night before so I didn't have to start with a blank page in the morning. Well, it works for me.
  • This draft took 81 days. Out of those 81, I wrote on 62 of them. I don't like to write on the weekends (or Fridays) because I have other things to do like watching Weeds and reading Vogue and watching Weeds and did I mention watching Weeds?

  • So there were 24 days that I planned not to write. And then I wrote on 14 of them anyway.
  • I had thirteen -1k days
  • And thirty-three 1k+ days
  • And fifteen 2k+ days
  • And one 3k+ day!
  • Ooh, a graph:

  • Yeah, I ended up at 94k. Which is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Lots and lots to cut and cut and cut...
  • I wrote in my room at my desk, at the library, at the coffee shop, in bed (on one hand the best idea ever, because it's comfy and warm...and yet, the worst idea ever, becuase you will most likely fall asleep, because it's so comfy and warm).
  • I wrote on days I didn't want to, when I wanted to stay in bed and not do anything at all. I wrote myself out of a really shitty mood, twice. Some days I met my target in a couple of hours, other times it took me all day to get the words out. But I did it!

This was probably my best drafting experience so far, and mostly, probably, because I outlined. So I never had the problem I usually have, which is getting so far and then coming to a complete stop because I have ZERO IDEA what I'm writing next.

Soundtrack-wise: like I've said before, John Mayer's Born And Raised (mostly A Face To Call Home and Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey), plus Stevie Wonder's Ribbon In The Sky and Disclosure's Latch and Childish Gambino's Silk Pillow and Jessie Ware's Running and The Roots' You Got Me.

And as is now my tradition (is three times a tradition? I say so) once I was finished I added to my lipstick collection with this pretty:

That's pretty much it. And probably extremely dull to everyone but me. Oh well.

Onwards, to revisions of THE GIRLS OF HOLLAND FALLS!

Ciao lovelies!


  1. Congratulations on finishing! And I love the idea of giving yourself a little gift for completing it! I may have to adopt that one. . . :)

    1. Thanks! You definitely should treat yourself afterwards :) It's something to look forward to and it makes me feel like I've really achieved something!

  2. What a great tradition! I'm gonna have to get me one of those :)