Friday, 22 June 2012

Look around you, we are in Hades!

This post has nothing to do with writing but has everything to do with The Holy Trinity. (Heathers, Clueless, and Mean Girls, if you don't know.)(And if you don't know, WHY ARE YOU HERE? We cannot be friends.)


As we all know, Lindsay Lohan is on a bit of a trainwreck streak right now, and has been for the last however many years. Last week there was PANIC when she was discovered unconscious in her hotel room. (Don't worry, it was just "exhaustion".)(How come only celebs get "exhaustion"? You never hear about the woman over the road having to check into hospital for a night because she's suffering from "exhaustion".)(Wouldn't it be more fun if they were honest? "Sorry, such-and-such-celeb was caning it last night and went a bit too hard on the cocaine, but she'll probs be alright after she gets this IV put in." See? How much better is that?)


Anyway...while I was stalking Twitter this girl I follow tweeted: "Nooo if Lindsay Lohan dies my childhood dies #parenttrap", (or something along those lines.)

But I was thinking about this while I was doing the washing up the other day, thinking "Forget about Parent Trap, what about Mean Girls? That's her trademark film, really. Or it's the film I think of when I think of LiLo...imagine if every time I watched it I had to think about her being dead, that wouldn't be cool. And it would be weird, because Heather Number One [Kim Walker from Heathers] is dead, too. So Alicia Silverstone should really watch out, because someone from Clueless - 

Brittany Murphy."

Do you see where I'm going with this? What if they're cursed?! What if Lindsay Lohan actually dies tragically young? One from each, gone. Maybe Heathers started it, what will all the murdering and such going on in that movie. And then what about the actresses from whichever future movie which will become "the new Mean Girls"? Well, my advice to all Young Hollywood girls is...don't take that part. It's cursed.

After all, Torrance did drop the spirit stick.*


*I've always felt that Bring It On is unfairly left out. "You are being a cheertator, Torrance, and a pain in my ass!"

And why yes, I did just learn how to put gifs in Blogger, because they were beyond necessary for this're welcome!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Olympic Airways

This has been my view for the past two days:

Hanging out at a picnic bench in the park, with no internet and a summery playlist in my headphones.

And getting a lot of words written while baking a few shades darker in the sun. (With SPF 30, of course.)

Question: where do you go outside of your house to write? Sometimes I go to Costa/Starbucks, but those fancy drinks are expensive and they frown on you just hijacking a comfy chair. I also like to go the library, but apparently no-one knows that libraries are supposed to be a quiet place nowadays. (Also I have to pay to park there, what kind of joke is that?!) The park has been my favourite out of the three, but lack of warm weather prevents me from going there every day.

So where do you like to go?

Monday, 11 June 2012

Music Monday: Golden

Hello, lovely people. It's lashing rain today but let's pretend the sun is warming our faces instead.

Today I say to you, keep going. All you insane JuNoWriMo people, everyone querying, those of you with novels floating around on submission - or if you're just trying to write a little today, or to gather the energy to get out of bed - keep trying :)

I am sending every ounce of happiness and positivity in my body out to you, whatever is happening in your life, wherever you are in the world...look, do you see that little sparkle in the air? Catch it!

Sometimes it's easy to forget that life can be good, too. I forget all the time. Look at a happy photo, get reminded :)

What's better than handstands in the pool?