Tuesday, 11 December 2012

I Have Been...

1. Working. YES, that's right, some fool gave me a JOB. (Just a Christmas temp, but dollar is dollar baby!) Getting up super early (like ten to four early) is turning my writing to mush. I seriously, seriously bow down to everyone who has a real, important job and/or a family and manages to write on top of all that. Teach me your secrets, sorceresses.

2. Reading ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and A MILLION SUNS (which I won a while ago from the very lovely Sara Biren. Mmm, transatlantic books).

3. DRAFTING, ENDLESSLY. I had hoped to be done by now (this is why I will never NaNo...inability to meet goals). I'm trying to spin it--my first draft of THE GIRLS OF HOLLAND FALLS came in at 47k and it took me three months to write. On this WIP, I'm at two and a half months and 83k. So I'm actually kind of, maybe, sort of doing really good, in comparison? I didn't think I had the ability to write an 83k draft! What is happening. Seriously.

4. Getting my Christmas music on--it's December so this is finally acceptable. This right here is my favourite Christmas song (not even putting Sufjan Stevens in the mix, that wouldn't be fair to all other Christmas music) and I'd like to give thanks to The O.C./Alexandra Patsavas for bringing it into my life.

5. Taking a trip to Bristol for my pal Charlotte's 21st. Holy long queues no seats delayed trains Batman! We wore plastic tiaras and got mani/pedis. As you do.

6. Listening to The JV Club podcast. Oh. My. God. This is soooo good. I have had so many moments of "YES! THIS! YOU REALLY GET ME!" I found this from Her Life With Books' recommendation and I am so happy about it. Basically, actress/awesome person Janet Varney gets together with another actress/comedienne/writer and they discuss their teenage years. But they often go off on amazing tangents about music and depression and old journal entries and it's Just. Perfect. My favourite episodes (so far) are with Yvette Nicole Brown, Jen Kirkman and Alison Rosen, which I'm right in the middle of. Also Janie Haddad Tompkins. Also Alison Brie's made me CRY with laughter. (Sorry, can't pick a favourite, they're all too good.) Cannot express how much I love it.

So that's me. I think I do too many of these round-up type posts, but let's be honest, I know you're all on the edge of your seats wondering what I've been up to and wanting to know what music I'm going to tell you to listen to. Wait--what? What do you mean, you don't care?!


  1. Looks good to me. I've been known to do a rough draft in three years.

    As for writing, write when you can. I'm fortunate in that my job allows me a lot of time. But when I don't have time, and I'm too tired to write, I rest. No use burning myself out when I'm tired, because it's not as if I'll write anything worth the suffering. :-)

    1. Not writing when tired, check! (I should've thought about this yesterday, when I almost passed out on my keyboard in a coffee shop.)