Thursday, 27 December 2012

Holiday Road Trip (Part Four)

TV and music and movies, oh my!

Today's Holiday Road Trip Questions Are:

Best in YA films/television:

1. Pretty Little Liars

Oh PLL, why can't I quit you? Even though your storylines have gone haywire and your continuity is virtually non-existent and there are so many characters I can't even keep them straight? I don't know. I just know that I once stayed up until three in the morning so I could stream the season finale. Did I say once? I meant twice.

2. The Vampire Diaries

If you love vampires and curses and hot, hot boys, then you need to be watching TVD. Done.

3. The OC

Okay, I know it's not actually on anymore, but The OC is SO YA. The angst level is off the chart! The romances are sweet, but also hot, but also complicated! The dialogue is fast and sharp--but that might just be Seth Cohen! I highly recommend that you watch this, especially the first two seasons. Because season three was still good but not on the level of the first two, aaaand letsbehonestseasonfourwasaclusterfuck.

4. And obviously the best YA movie ever, Mean Girls.

Do I need to explain?



Best Music to Write To/Be Inspired By

This question is almost impossible to answer without rambling for two days about Sufjan Stevens. But for the MS I just finished I was super into John Mayer's latest album Born And Raised, and I like writing to Explosions in the Sky because they're instrumental and still give you the feels.

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