Thursday, 20 September 2012


I just this week finished a round of revisions on my WIP. Now it needs to go to CPs and betas! Oh, wait--I should probably find some CPs and betas first.

Anyway, here for your viewing pleasure is a variety of pictures documenting this revision process. (Taking pictures is a good way to procrastinate during revisions.)

Essential: a hot beverage in a Starbucks mug so you can feel like a real I-write-in-a-coffee-shop writer even when you're at home! I don't drink tea or coffee. I drink hot blackcurrant squash. Rock'n'roll.

I do love killing off scenes that I know are pointless. (This is chapter one dying.)

 Another essential: multiple notebooks, so you can find that one note you made late at night about that scene in chapter thirteen super quickly. (Will I ever learn?)

A desirable: cat to hang out with while you're ripping scenes apart.

At some point you'll need this:

or these:

because the fun will have worn off and you'll be crying over all your pages that look like this:

 But eventually it'll be over and you'll get to have fun again! Just make sure your fun doesn't end like mine always does: sitting on the street waiting for a taxi (that never arrives) at four in the morning.


Sorry for not being around all of your lovely blogs, but Google is being a total skeeze and has ceased to work on my computer. No Gmail, no Blogger, no Googling anything! I'm stealing time at my dad's computer right now. I hope he lets me come back. He has a giant office chair.

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  1. I don't know what hot blackcurrant squash is, but it doesn't sound very appetizing.

    Are you on the hunt for CPs or betas? Last winter I had none and didn't know how to find any. But slowly I have found people. And they have been a great help. Let me know if you need some help, I can direct you to a few beta finder matches at different blogs.