Thursday, 30 August 2012

Thirteen Thirtyfive

As I was perusing the internet yesterday I came across this song on YouTube, by a girl called Dillon. I thought I would share it with you all because it's kind of melancholy, a little peculiar, it has some cool imagery...seems like it would be good for inspiration purposes or to put on a writing playlist. In the comments people were comparing her to Lykke Li, but I also hear some Joanna Newsom and Alessi's Ark in there, so if you like those ladies you might enjoy this :)

I think whoever wrote the top comment got it right: "This song is like lying in a sea of pillows and getting covered under a cloud of whirling feathers." Yeah, I'll go with that.


  1. Love to learn about new artists! Thanks for sharing her :)

  2. GREAT song! Thanks for sharing. I hope more people do stuff like this. There's so many great artists out there and I always use music as a tool to help me when I both read and write.