Monday, 11 June 2012

Music Monday: Golden

Hello, lovely people. It's lashing rain today but let's pretend the sun is warming our faces instead.

Today I say to you, keep going. All you insane JuNoWriMo people, everyone querying, those of you with novels floating around on submission - or if you're just trying to write a little today, or to gather the energy to get out of bed - keep trying :)

I am sending every ounce of happiness and positivity in my body out to you, whatever is happening in your life, wherever you are in the world...look, do you see that little sparkle in the air? Catch it!

Sometimes it's easy to forget that life can be good, too. I forget all the time. Look at a happy photo, get reminded :)

What's better than handstands in the pool?



  1. It's raining here too, but I'm all snuggled up in bed with my doona and my cat, so it can team down as much as it likes!

    1. Beds and cats make everything better!

  2. Thank you for the happy thoughts. :) Yes, I do see them sparkling in the air.

  3. This made my day! Thank you.

  4. This really made me happy. I appreciate this post.