Thursday, 10 May 2012

Let's Talk About Teachers

For today's Blog Me MAYbe, may I tell you about my amazing teachers?

I had AWESOME teachers when I was still at school (a massive two years ago). Mrs May was, I think, slightly insane, but in a good way. There was Miss Price who I suspect had a slight case of the raging feminisms. Some of them were super cute - my year 7/9 English teacher Miss Knowles, who is Canadian and the daughter-in-law of my across-the-street neighbours, and is basically now just my pal. Mrs Ferris was the kind that terrified everyone walking down the hall and still terrifies me when I see her doing her shopping. Miss Cain was also very scary, and since she was one of my A-level teachers there was only seven of us in our class...hard to hide from her. And then we have Mrs Martin...ah, Christine.

She taught me for GCSE and A-level and she was my tutor: I suffered through her minibus driving (terrifying), her love of restoration comedy (torture), the time she made us all sit under two tables so we could feel what it was like to be in a slave ship (not a particularly successful task!). She never got too annoyed when my answer to, "Where have you been? Registration started ten minutes ago!" was, "Well, I left the house...we walked here...and here I am." She also never kicked me out for asking if we could watch a video, every. Single. Lesson.

They read all my weird stories, about volcanoes and treasure hunting girls, ninjas and the Yakuza, married assassins, mermaids...actually, I'm not sure how I came to write contemporary, looking at that list. But they read them and liked them, encouraged me and didn't think I was too weird. Without them - well, I'd still be writing, but I wouldn't have so much belief in myself. The last time I saw Miss Cain, she said she was waiting to see my book on the shelf, and I think I'm getting closer each day :)


  1. I had some great teachers and wish I still had those connections. I don't remember annoying my teachers, though, but I probably just remember what I want to!

  2. I was teacher's pet in grade 9. Never had that happen before. We were poor farmers, and most of my teachers ignored me. But this one fellow was kind and supportive. I went back and visited him 10 years later. He was absolutely thrilled by my success. I still don't understand why, but I know he inspired me to try even harder. Mr. Singh, my grade 9 English teacher.