Monday, 7 May 2012

Dust It Off Bloghop: Day Three

Today's task: Post what you learned from this WIP. You become a stronger, more rounded writer which each manuscript and we want to know what this particular work taught you. 

  • I think the main thing I learnt from this MS was that I could actually write an MS. I started it when I was sixteen, when the longest thing I'd ever written was a 2,000 word essay. I was so scared of the idea that I'd need to write thousands and thousands of words, I actually used to use this old blogging platform called Uber to write tiny sections at a time which I pasted into Word. Now I'm not afraid of the blank Word document anymore! 
  • I learnt that it doesn't matter when you write or how much or how long it takes; it only matters that you do write, and keep writing. I wrote and revised through my A-levels, which was probably not the best idea but it all came good in the end :)
  • And I learnt that sometimes you can't control your characters! You can't force them to do things just because it's what you want them to do. 
So that's that! I really enjoyed this bloghop, especially reading everyone else's entries (I still have to get round to most people's though...). Thanks to Theresa and Cortney for hosting, and thanks for everyone's comments on my pitch and extract! They were all so nice :)


  1. That's what I learned from my first one too. That I could actually do this. And that I wanted to KEEP doing this. Thanks for participating. I REALLY enjoyed reading your work!

  2. Those are all great, positive lessons. You came out the other side a better person :)

  3. Those are great lessons! I'd forgotten that one. Learning that this is actually possible. :)

  4. Ah man, I totally agree that you can't force your characters. When authors force their characters it just sounds unnatural.

    When I first started writing, I was totally afraid that I wouldn't be able to write a story long enough to be considered a novel. As a result, my first book was about 175,000 words. Even now I have the tendency to write overly-long stories that require lots and lots of trimming.

  5. My characters can be a real pain in my...yeah. I can't force them to do anything. lol. You are so right though you simply can't. Once you start writing your characters take over and they become the story tellers, you are only there to type.

    Thanks for hopping with us. It's been so much fun :)

  6. Great points. Good thing you're writing now. I took a break between jr. high (12ish) all the way into my thirties. Think of how many more writing years you have!

    Contemporary YA is also my thing.