Monday, 20 February 2012

Music Monday

Nothing like a bit of trip-hop on a Monday morning, is there?

This weekend I got a new piercing, cooked some good food, went out for dinner with some of my friends, had a false nail emergency in the car, and wrote a lot. And watched the first episode of Homeland! I'm in. What did you do?


  1. Wow, you were busy! What kind of piercing? This weekend, I wrote, blogged, wrote, blogged, spent time with the fam, went to church, and slept. Oh, and wrote and blogged!

    *I need to get out more* :)

    1. I got a rook piercing, one of those weird little bits in your ear :) it actually hurts right now! Don't worry, my weekends aren't always like that...and I was ready for bed at half nine on Saturday night, clearly I'm not cut our for so much excitement!